QNCC Hotel & Serviced Apartments

Location: Doha, Qatar


The proposed building is defined by a main monolithic structure with a double skin facade on one side, a screen wall on the other, protecting from the surrounding views and filtering the sunlight and the wind, with a plaza in between. By means of this composition, the plaza manifests itself as a three dimensional space, inviting nature inside the building through a forest of trees and a large artificial water lake offering a sense of coolness and serenity. The connecting volumes are like geometric clouds creating shadows on the plaza. A healing walk through the forest links the building to the station, the flow of people thus becoming architecture itself. The serene spa is the link between the building and the parking. The swimming pool is lifted to a higher level to create privacy, offering a panoramic view. It's a place that invites the eye to travel across different scenes, where man is in dialogue with nature and geometry, surrounded by the presence of silence and serenity.