Office Tower

Location: Lusail, Qatar


The process of design started from two U shaped masses resting one on top of the other reflecting equilibrium, strength and stability. The two masses share the same central pivot point, orienting the tower towards the sea and the retail podium towards the city. Our vision is based on the following criteria: First, the building must be thoroughly functional using the latest technology. Second, the building must be flexible, and be able to respond easily to inevitable changes in space requirements over time. Third the building must be energy efficient, yet still architecturally outstanding. Sustainability was a driving force in the design process, where the aim of benefiting from indirect illumination while minimizing the effect of direct sun exposure to the inside was a main factor. The U shaped tower, with its exposed facade facing north allows for a healthy working environment allowing indirect illumination of the interior space as shown in the blow up diagrams. The three cladded facades which are exposed to direct sun feature smaller openings recessed between horizontal grooves allowing for more protection from direct sunlight. The choice of glazing differs between the two solutions where the main facade features clear glass whereas the remaining facades feature Low-E reflective glazing.