5 Private Villas

Location: Doha, Qatar


MZ Architects was appointed by a private Qatari client to design a family residential compound in Doha, Qatar. The client's requirements were to design six villas in a plot of approximately 49,130sqm dedicated to his brothers' families and himself. One same typology would be used for four of the villas, while the remaining two would be smaller in size. MZ Architects proposed conceptual volume reflected the client's character, lifestyle and family needs: elegant, modest yet efficient structures encompassing all requested functions and services in a simple and poetic spirit. The series of "sliding" walls engendered private spaces, each of them creating a certain continuity between the interior function and the exterior, thus the diversity of the "microspaces" and their usage. Although modern in its overall appearance, the architectural design of the project is characterized by its simplicity and classicism recalling ancient Qatari architecture, especially on the detail level. Yellow stone cladding, wood and metal are the main elements used in the compound. The finished concept stands as a one of a kind modern yet classic design in a rather monotonous surrounding. To ensure privacy and independency for each family, it was important to separate all house functions as well as service areas. Therefore, while all the houses are located in one common plot, each and every one of them has its own "majlis", servants quarters, parking and gardens.