Abuja International Convention Center

Location: Abuja, Nigeria


A strategic location, A predominant natural landscape, And breathtaking views. The proposed design follows the peculiarities of the site, and offers responses to problematic topography issues while taking advantage of the significant views. Working with the 16-meter land denivelation and the site's best orientation, the design proposes a terraced integration of 95 residential apartments into the hilly landscape. Featuring gardens and terraces, the proposed eco-friendly apartments melt into the site landscape and enjoy views on Aso Rock. The adjacent Club House with a chaotic rockfall effect and a unique night view on Abuja Central District and Aso Rock, is set to become the prime gathering location allowing a variety of uses throughout day and night. Rising from the Club House, and facing the Aso Rock, a monumental staircase climbs the steep slope to reach a private landscaped Roof Pool with a 360 degree view on all of Abuja. 9 private villas with enclosed terraces enjoy an open view on the adjacent green valley and the Abuja Central District.