Ministry of Information

Location: Sultanate Oman


The New Head Quarter Building for the Ministry of Information take his point of reference from the omani heritage and traditional architecture, but are interpreted to define a new language which is firmly embedded in the future. Through the abstraction of traditional elements and fusing the fantastic and dramatic shapes of the natural caves of Sultanate Oman, the New Head Quarter Building for the Ministry of Information presents a novel architectural building, a landmark, a sculpture, a monument. The building's reading is one very much related to the local architectural language of Gufr's mass and void . All facades are treated as solid forms into which apertures and recesses are cut to reveal the mass and depth of the material. Omanis shaped their society around stone, either by finding shelter in "wadi al shams" or by building their castles and mosques. A community interconnected with its geology and surroundings. The concept behind the ministry's design emerged from elements of the Omani environment. Carved from a single mass, emerges a dominant volume pierced by light and wind while providing a public space that overlooks the surrounding area. The light well inspired by "majlis al jin" laminates a central courtyard which in turn is overlooked by the office spaces. A mid public level which allows for wind to circulate creating a well ventilated courtyard a typology inspired by "wadi al shams" where a 360 view of the surrounding ocean and mountain.