The Wall Stadium

Location: Doha, Qatar


The Wall Stadium is one of a kind football stadium, unique in its form and revolutionary in its design, emerging from a green shallow dune. The stadium's main stand sits upright, the majority of its height emerging from the underground pitch. This slanted colossal structure dominates on the surrounding areas by its solid form and height, and is the reason why "The Wall" has gained the nickname "The Laptop", as it looks like an open laptop when observed from above. The football play field punctures the serene green dune at the center thus exposing the nature of the structure. The green dune also serves as parking areas for spectators and canopy on the top of the stands. The idea is to build a lawn and stand in the basement of the stadium. It is hoped that such an underground all-weather stadium will help keep the players and spectators cooler, as it offers the advantage of having fresh air beneath the feet thus adding to the overall speed of the game as players are fresh through out the game. Also due to the cashing on the ground the overall acoustics is improved as well.