FIFA Compliance Stadium & Precint for the 5th Precint

Location: Doha, Qatar


The proposed Stadium is an expression of simplicity, purity and strength through its base form and texture. The concept defining the form of the stadium is derived from the significant importance of geometry in Islamic art and architecture in general, and in Qatari architecture in particular. The colossal geometric structure evokes the platonic forms which are the basis of Islamic architecture, renowned for its grandeur and ageless quality. Breaking free from the typical stadium typology, the Stadium is characterized with a rectangular basis, right angles, a triangular plaza and inclined walls. The series of triangular openings through the roof obeys a mathematical rhythm recalling traditional Islamic geometric patterns, and giving the slab a sculptural quality. The building is composed of a mixture of cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete panels, with continuous horizontal "sun screens" offering shade and giving the stadium a strong holistic texture. The monolithic concrete structure, because of its immense thermal mass, cuts down on the energy consumed for cooling and heating the interior, thus making it an eco-friendly building. Combining the benefits of high durability, low maintenance, excellent fire resistance and energy efficiency, the element of concrete unifies the entire sports complex, and consolidates the sense of beauty, timelessness, solidity and certitude conveyed by the purity of the architecture.