EKO Atlantic

Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Rising up from the ocean deep, and having its roots in the African continent, Eko Atlantic city drives its way overlooking all obstacles and challenges. Steering forward into the sea and into the future throughout a futuristic urban approach, the new development finally answers the needs of a growing and promising city on a 900 ha- plot, with 250.000 residents and 150.000 visitors. Major aspects and components mark the development. The Financial District includes 1.5 million sqm designed to be a unique architectural towering structures especially on its central axis, the Eko Boulevard. This central axis will be considered as the dynamic quarter of the Financial District and an added value to the city heart. It also comprises the links between the main different sectors of the project; the Harbor Lights, the Downtown, the Ocean Front, and the Avenues, that offer a blend of commercial and residential enterprises, in addition to the Marina characterized by its fluid appearance and dedicated to the leisure activities of the city residents and visitors. This billion dollar project aims to transform Nigeria as the commercial hub of West Africa. The project includes: various hotels, commercial buildings, recreational facilities, bridges, residential towers.